About Us

Collide is a London-based theatre company made of emerging artists. Our aim is to speak through bold texts and to produce work which challenges, inspires and excites both us and our audience.

We are fuelled by our need to create theatre for an audience who is willing to think differently. We love exploring non-traditional forms and re-discover old gems that question who we are as human beings and how we choose to lead our lives.

Our mission is to make unconventional performances which merge storytelling with dance and live music. Since 2015 we have created three site-specific performances in unconventional theatre spaces, and two black-box pieces in London’s fringe scene. We are grateful to have had support from Arts Council England for our last two projects.

We have been selected to be part of the New Diorama Emerging Companies 2019-2020 as one of the ten most promising companies to watch. Our last show Metamorphosis was featured in the Incoming Festival 2019 which showcased the UK’s most “explosive” work from emerging artists!

“There is no benchmark I can offer, no relevant experience to relate it to, but in terms of pure stagecraft it is an excellent envisioning of a very difficult play, and an experience worth undertaking, even if only because it is different from anything else out there”  

A Younger theatre for 4.48 psychosis (2015)


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